Continuing Journey

Although I retired from my full-time job as a public health professional/environmental epidemiologist in 2014, I continue to pursue and search for new intellectual pursuits and involvement. My heart keeps telling me that there is more for me to do.

I’ve had some successes but I still crave more. For example, I co-authored an historical military novel with a friend shortly after retiring and found that project tremendously satisfying. I’m not sure if I’ll write again, but I’m always open to the possibility of writing with a co-author if the right person would come along. I’ve also had the chance to serve as a lecturer at a local retirement home and for the local chapter of Junior Achievement at local high schools on “STEM” and how my career related to that area.

I have to admit that I miss my involvement in the public health and epidemiology fields and wonder how I may secure a meaning connection with the right non-profit or academic organization (not teaching a course). I’m not interested in regular part-time or full-time work but rather a type of ad hoc consultant relationship where I can share my experience in a meaningful way with students or clients.

Meanwhile, I will continue my journey, looking for meaningful ways to be intellectually challenged and involved.